The majority of our customers are in Morris County and Sussex County, NJ.  But we also service portions of Passaic County, Bergen County and Orange County, NY.

Virtue fence prides itself on being an outstanding company that specializes in fence installation. We understand that the installation of the fence is just one aspect of the customer experience. We operate under the golden rule and have a strict set of standardsthat we view as above the industry norm. We believe that nothing will be accomplished without a good foundation of values.

To make the experience as seamless as possible…….
We recommend to:

  1. Be aware of your property lines.
  2. Check with the town to see any restrictions on what you can do.
  3. Apply for a permit if need be.
  4. Find inspiration from a style that you like.
  5. Speak with your neighbors (if needed).
  6. Think about some of these variables: Snow plows, Landscapers, Width of Gate(s), Height of Fence, Uneven terrain, Rocks, Trees and Boulders.

Please call your town’s zoning department for more details. We will help you as best as we can, but your township will offer the best and most current information available.

Yes, we do!  We use 80 lb. bags of Quikrete cement. We have found that this is the best product available and the bagged cement ensures a cleaner job site.  In order to save costs, many companies use sand/gravel and portland cement, which needs to be hand-mixed together. When doing it this way, often times the consistency is different throughout the mix. Some footings will be hard as a rock where as some won’t, unless mixed perfectly. Pre-mixed bagged cement ensures that the footing will be consistent and there is no opportunity for error. Even for wood & cedar posts we put a little bit of cement on the bottom of the holes.

We use only company installers, not sub-contractors.  Because they are company employees, every foreman and helper that works on your property is covered by workmans’ compensation, so you do not have worry about injury on the job-site.

Yes, we offer a three-year warranty on workmanship and most of our manufactures offer lengthy warranties on the materials itself.

I have underground wires…

We call the state to have someone come out to mark where the wires are. We also hand-dig a majority of our holes; which decreases the probability of hitting anything underground substantially.

Weather permitting, most residential jobs will take 1 to 3 consecutive days. Our average lead time from commitment to installation date is 3 to 4 weeks.

You call and we come to your house at a scheduled time and date to discuss your project needs. There, if possible, we will take measurements to give you an estimate for the total cost, an estimated time of completion and an estimated time for when we can begin. Once agreed upon, you sign the proposals and we accept your agreed upon deposit. Then we give you a call to let you know that your materials are ordered and when they will be delivered. Shortly after they’re delivered, we will begin the installation and go over the job. Once it’s completed to your satisfaction, we will collect the remaining balance.

Call or email us and we will set up an appointment right away! Thanks for reading.