Premium Wood Fence Systems Expertly Installed in Parsippany, NJ

Are you thinking about having a fence installed at your property in Parsippany, New Jersey, but struggling to determine what kind? A wood fence should be a top candidate. Though it may require a bit more upkeep than other materials, such as vinyl or aluminum, nothing compares to the natural warmth and beauty of natural wood. At Virtue Fence, we proudly install wood fencing that is designed to weather the elements and maintain its natural beauty for years to come.

Why Partner with Virtue Fence?

As Northern New Jersey’s top-rated fence installer, Virtue Fence has a proven track record for providing an exceptional value on all types of fencing. For example, when it comes to wood fence systems, we use premium raw materials, such as Eastern White Cedar and Inland Red Cedar, which are highly resistant to rot, insect infestation, and other forms of deterioration. Indeed, your wood fence will be able to withstand year after year of intense sun, ice, rain, and temperature fluctuations.

At Virtue Fence, we can also construct your wood fence in any configuration, style, and height you’d like to suit your specific needs and preferences. Are you looking to enhance privacy in your yard? Allow your pet to roam free on your property without worry? Rest assured we have the ideal solution for you.

Additionally, as your fence company, Virtue Fence will provide industry-leading service. Our team consists of specially trained technicians who use superior methods to ensure our customers’ fences are installed the right way. To give you peace of mind, we’ll also provide a three-year workmanship warranty.

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