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When you purchased your home in Chester, New Jersey, you probably had visions of enjoying evenings lounging on your back deck, playing catch with your kids in the yard, and hosting barbecues with friends and family. However, you might have found that a lack of privacy put a damper on your grand plans. Let Virtue Fence help you make those dreams a reality. As Northern New Jersey’s top-rated fence builder, we can create a privacy fence that shields you from prying eyes.

Wood & Vinyl Privacy Fences

If you’re going to invest in a fence, you not only want it to provide privacy, but also look great long into the future without needing constant upkeep. That’s exactly what Virtue Fence provides. For example, our vinyl privacy fences are constructed from premium, nonporous vinyl that can withstand year after year of the harsh New Jersey climate without a hint of deterioration. These fences also have a clean, sleek appearance: perfect for homeowners whose design preferences skew modern.

Looking to enhance privacy while adding a touch of rustic charm to your property? A wood privacy fence is the perfect solution. We use only top-quality wood species, such as Eastern White Cedar and Inland Red Cedar that can withstand frequent freeze-and-thaw-cycles. Plus, they feature a classic, natural warmth and can be stained to your preferences.

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