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Core Purpose & Values

7 Core Beliefs

  1. Every person has a unique talent that should be brought out in the workplace. By putting people where they are gifted, they will enjoy their work more, they will perform better, and they won’t have to compensate for their weaknesses, as much.
  2. Have a vision and keep it close to you! A boat will get lost if it doesn’t have an exact destination. Work backwards from the desired state.
  3. That work should not feel like work! You can get up excited for every day and you can enjoy the people you work with. Your passion doesn’t just have to be something you do on the weekends.
  4. Happy employees make happy customers. In the words of Richard Branson, “A company is a group of people working towards a common goal.”
  5. Your beliefs are the concrete of the foundation. If your beliefs are off, it’s a matter of time before it shows up in the building of the house.
  6. It’s extremely important to have guiding principles for creating standards and making decisions.
  7. We have the talent, vision and purpose to experience uncommon results in the home improvement industry.


To serve people by using individuals unique talents to help our customers & employees’ improve their lives.

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